Fender 950×120

As you may be aware, our Bass Gear Premium subscribers get immediate access to our technical reviews (Amp Lab, Cab Lab and Bass Lab), as well as to David Ellefson’s Metal-on- Metal interviews and the Luthiers Round Table column. Well, beginning in April, 2018, we will be adding another perk for our Premium subscribers: exclusive gear giveaways!

Each month, we will draw a random winner from among our list of Bass Gear Premium subscribers to win a prize. For this April, that prize is a Bass Gear Magazine logo’d premium Levy’s MSS2-4 garment leather bass strap, valued at over $120! 

Here is a link for this product: https://www.bassgearmag.com/product/mss2-4-garment-leather-bass-guitar-strap/

Anyone who is already a Bass Gear Premium subscriber, or who signs up before the end of April, 2018, will be eligible to win this prize. We will have new prizes up for grabs every month for our Bass Gear Premium subscribers.

Not a Premium subscriber, and not interested in becoming one? No worries, we still love ya! In fact, we will be offering some exciting new giveaways that are open to all subscribers (Free or Premium). We just wanted to show a little extra love for the folks who are supporting us with their Premium subscription.

Thank you for your support!