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Bass Gear Magazine is the world’s leading online magazine dedicated to thorough reviews of the gear used by electric and double bassists.

Bass Gear Magazine is your source for the most thorough, detailed, and objective reviews of all gear related to bass guitar and double bass, with independent bench testing, live use, interviews with manufacturers and comparisons to competing products. BGM features factory tours, trade show coverage, in-depth interviews, and regular columns, like David Ellefson’s Metal-on-Metal and the Luthiers Round Table.

Bass Gear Magazine website has had a makeover, but bigger changes lay beneath the surface. After nine years, and distribution to over 40 countries, we have made the decision to drop the print version of the magazine. We have been a digital publication since day one, but now that we are entirely online, we are free to deliver more content on a more regular basis. Instead of quarterly issues, we can now connect with our readers on a more-or-less continuous basis.

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Editor in Chief

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Amp Lab Technical Editor

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Technical Editor

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