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Bass Gear Magazine has had a long relationship with Terra State Community College here in my home town of Fremont, Ohio. It is on their campus where I conduct our speaker measurements (in the biggest room I could find!), and several of their staff and students have contributed articles to BGM. The College has a great recording studio and recital hall, and a nice music program. Many times, as I sat watching a laptop screen and listening to the sweet sounds of a stepped/gated frequency response sweep, I thought about how cool it would be to host a music/gear/education event right here at Terra. Well folks, after years of planning, this is finally a reality!

If you are not already aware of this event, allow me to introduce you to the 2018 Midwest Rhythm Summit! https://midwestrhythmsummit.org/

The Summit is a 3-day event taking place on April 20-22, 2018 here in northwest Ohio on the campus of Terra State Community College (www.terra.edu). As you might expect, the Midwest Rhythm Summit focuses on the focuses on the rhythm section – mostly bass and drums, but some guitar/keyboard/electronic stuff, too. Terra State has a focus on recording technology, as well, so we will have some clinics on mixing, mastering, working within the video game
industry, etc.

The event will feature a fantastic lineup of top-tier clinics and masterclasses, combined with live concerts on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition, we will have an open vendor area, with some great gear on hand from Baer Amplification, AudioKinesis, Skjold Design Guitars, Darkglass Electronics, Michael Arnopol Soundworks, Low Down Basses, and more!

The main event sponsors are Bass Gear Magazine and Terra State Community College, but we also have support from Modern Drummer, Bowling Green State University, iHeartRadio, and BAS Broadcasting. Bass Gear Magazine will be live-streaming much of the event on our website, and many of the various performances from the Summit will be broadcast on BGSU’s radio station. All clinics and performances will be video recorded.

Most of the clinics are being handled by Rhythm Intensive – a rhythm education company founded by Chuck Rainey and John Anthony Martinez – and we have lined up a number of other national-level clinicians. Other clinicians we have lined up include Adam Nitti, Frank Bello, Oskar Cartaya, Wes Little, Doug Johns, Jordan Simmons, Cody Wright, Mike Dawson (from Modern Drummer), Andy Irvine, John Montalbano, Kazuma Jinnouchi, Dom Famularo, Larry Groupe, Sean Beeson, Steve Thomas, Bryan Powell, Dr. Heather Malyuk, John Wooten (nationally recognized drum line clinician) and Producer Gary Katz (Steely Dan). Most of our clinics are running one hour in length, though there are some longer clinics planned, and we will have approximately four clinics going on at any point in time.

We obviously have a strong emphasis on education, and we have invited every high school music program in northwestern/north central Ohio and southern Michigan. This is going to be a fantastic event for young musicians, and any high school or college student will be able to register for all the clinics/classes for free! Non-students can attend all of the clinics over all three days for only $20! This is a tremendous bargain, as this level of clinics/classes/camp would normally cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to attend.

Our concert on Friday night will be headlined by the full Doug Johns Band (https://dougjohns.com/). That’s right, the full band! On Saturday night, you will not only hear Chuck Rainey and John Anthony Martinez play, our headliner will be Oskar Cartaya and The Ricannection (www.oskarcartaya.com). These concerts will surely sell out, so get your tickets early at https://midwestrhythmsummit.org/.

I am super excited to be a part of bringing this event to our area, and beyond. We have registrants coming in from many states away, and we do have plenty of local hotels to accommodate more! Please make it out to the Midwest Rhythm Summit!

Take care, Tom.