July 13,2017 Portland, OR…Boutique microphone company, Ear Trumpet Labs, continues to impress with their latest offering, Nadine, their first microphone designed exclusively for upright bass. Launched in early November, Nadine has maintained a steady waitlist and continues to generate buzz in the double bass community. Artists such as renowned jazz bassist Christian McBride, award winning bluegrass artist Missy Raines, and celebrated Americana and folk bassist Daniel Kimbro (currently playing with Grammy winner Jerry Douglas), have joined the growing list of enthusiasts with stellar reviews.

“As an acoustic bassist it’s very important for me to have this instrument amplified as naturally as possible…What I love about this microphone is that it makes the instrument sound exactly how I hear it in my head. I think what people hear when they hear my instrument un-amplified, the Nadine is able to capture that, and just make it louder.” – Christian McBride

“I think the Nadine microphone excels because it captures my bass, and the tone that it has, and so beautifully brings that to light so you’re hearing the instrument the way it was meant to be. And, because Ear Trumpet has perfected this technology, you’re able to hear it in any setting, night after night, regardless of the environment. I’ve not experienced that kind of versatility before in mic-ing my bass. There’s usually a compromise. With the Nadine, I don’t have to compromise.” – Missy Raines

“I think it goes without saying that the Ear Trumpet Labs mics look great…the thing is, they sound great too. You don’t get any points for looks if you sound bad, and we’re all looking for gear that helps us get OUR sounds out of our instruments and into the audiences’ eardrums. That gear must be user-friendly, rugged, and consistent. If you need a cost-effective, reliable way to mic a double bass, just make your life easy and get a Nadine.” – Daniel Kimbro

Nadine is a medium-large diaphragm condenser mic specifically designed for use on upright bass. The low end is tuned to give a flat response at the mounting distance, and the cardioid pickup pattern provides very natural sound by picking up as much of the surface of the bass as possible, within the constraints of the close placement. There’s great rejection off the back of the mic, allowing use with stage monitors.
The unique design is the first of its kind. The head of the microphone is separated from the body and mounts easily between the strings above the tailpiece using a rubber grommet. The body of the microphone is securely fastened to the tailpiece with a durable Velcro elastic. A 14 inch Mogami cable connects the two parts, making it easy to place the mic on any bass.

To learn more about Ear Trumpet Labs please visit www.EarTrumpetLabs.com