In the past several years, the Summer NAMM Show has really seemed to come alive. As usual, there was some excellent and innovative gear on display. Here are the Bass Gear Magazine 2017 Summer NAMM Best of Show Award winners:

Boss – GT-1B Bass Multi-Effects Processor

Boss has a long history of producing the kind of “go-to” effects pedals that guitar players and bassists, alike, have come to depend upon. Back in 2002, Boss hit the market with the GT-6B, which was a bass-specific multi-effects pedal based upon an existing “guitar” pedal. Bass players loved it, and eventually, Boss replaced it with the both more advanced and more intuitive GT-10B. In similar fashion, this pedal serves as both a simpler and improved successor to the GT-10B. The GT-1B definitely impressed us with the tone and responsiveness of its models and effects, but when they told us the street price – only $199.99! – we knew that Boss had a hit on their hands. Kudos to Boss for raising the bar, while lowering the price! Check out our video demo, or head on over to

Trace Elliot – ELF Bass Head, Transit-B Bass Pre-amp, 2×8 and 1×10 Bass Cabs

Peavey took over the venerable Trace Elliot brand back in 2005, and they proved to honor the brand by hiring back one of its original engineers and then producing a newer range of amps, cabs and combos which paid close homage to the highly regarded originals. More recently, Trace Elliot has explored the realm of smaller, lighter bass gear. Truth be told, we saw these products at the 2017 Winter NAMM Show, but we really didn’t have a chance to play through them. Well, now that we’ve had a chance to put this new gear through its paces, it absolutely delivers bona fide Trace Elliot tone and features in a variety of compact packages. The ELF is a diminutive 200w head with a simple interface and no direct lineage to a preceding Trace product. Nevertheless, it hits in the same ballpark, tonally. The Transit-B manages to deliver a veritable “greatest hits” of Trace Elliot features – including multi-band compression, pre-shape, blendable drive, and footswitchable EQ – and the tone/features are VERY reminiscent of Trace Elliot amps of yore. The 1×10 (300w, 8-ohm) cab seems aimed at the personal practice scenario, while the 2×8 (400w, 8-ohm) is capable of practice or full-on gig duty. The 2×8, especially, screams, “instant classic.” Learn more at

Wing Instruments – Wing Bass Classic, with Nano POG

We have told you about (and reviewed) the unique Wing Bass before, but even when you are familiar with the instruments, the Wing Bass booth is always an exciting visit at any NAMM Show. We loved their new 30” basses (which were also in contention for this award), but ultimately, it was the Wing Bass Classic with the EHX Nano POG option that really impressed us. To be fair, these instruments sound great with no octave manipulation. But once you add the on-board Nano POG, the capabilities of this diminutive instrument really open up. The Classic version retains the original “single-cut” shape, but Wing Instruments now also offers a neck-through, or NT, version of the Wing Bass. These instruments are just too cool not to check out!