We realize that a lot of you are stuck at home for a little while. We’re right there with you, the coronavirus has profoundly affected us all in one way or another and the Source Audio staff have temporarily set up shop at home and started conducting business remotely. Of course we’re all feeling a little stir crazy and in search of some antidotes to the monotony of shelter in place. So how about this? Let’s create, record, and share some killer presets. We’re calling it the “Neuro Cover Song Challenge.” It goes like this: pick a song to cover, create one or more presets for the song, record a riff (or multiple riffs) from the song with your presets, and publish the presets in the Neuro Desktop Editor or Neuro Mobile App with the embedded sound clips.

We’ll pick a few winners at the end of the month and give them a Source Audio One Series pedal of their choice. We’ll also give out limited edition C4 Synth t-shirts to a bunch of participants (see the t-shirt image below). Just to clarify, we’ve got nothing against all you sonic explorers who create fantastic original presets, but this challenge will focus on cover songs and the presets that bring them to life. Most importantly, let’s have fun with this. We can’t wait to hear the sounds that all of you create.

Source Audio

Some of the Source Audio crew sporting their C4 Synth T-Shirts at NAMM ’20 (..and that’s our pal Vernon Reid of Living Colour in the center!)