BITE Guitars has lately been awed by the sheer number of requests for individual sound configurations: Can I have an additional J at the neck, P at the bridge, series boost, balance pot, rotary selector, … oh, and what’s the upcharge?

Here’s the answer: BITE Guitars can pack any BITE bass with up to 3 pickups (BITE 1000mV J, P or H) and has 5 standard circuits on offer, all in all 348 sound configurations which the customer can choose from. Now BITE Guitars thought up a way how to serve all 348 of them neatly systemized and priced: the new BELLS & WHISTLES menu.

As for artwork & lasering, BITE GUITARS is constantly adding to available artwork techniques. BELLS & WHISTLES now offers digital coloring, lasering, inlays, decals, spray paint and an even whackier technique that will be revealed shortly at Halloween on and

BITE Guitars also offers to fulfill any individual hardware and accessory requests subject to quality and technical premises. One in two basses is currently shipped with individual choices of strings, bags and the like. BELLS & WHISTLES specifies how individual choices can be ordered.

BELLS & WHISTLES this way: