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Emma Anzai Sick Puppies

Metal-on-Metal by David Ellefson Metal on Metal - Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson talks with Emma Anzai, of Sick Puppies. Please sign up for Bass Gear Premium to gain access to our Premium Content or login if you are already a Bass Gear Premium member. Username or E-mail Password Remember Me     Forgot...

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Bass Gear Icons: Hartley Peavey

  Bass gear has evolved tremendously since the middle of the twentieth century – thanks to a relatively small group of innovators, experimenters, designers, engineers and builders that have dedicated their lives to the advancement of the art and science of the gear we play. With a singular determination of purpose coupled with life-long dedication to the pursuit of the advancement of bass gear technology, plus tangible contributions to the evolution of the art and science of bass gear design and production, Bass Gear Icons have proven themselves to be valued members of the bass gear community. As bassists,...

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Stone Custom Drums

Drum-n-Bass by Mike Czeczele Stone Custom Drums (SCD) is a high-end drum manufacturing company located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that utilizes radio frequencies (RF) in making drum shells. The company began making drum shells in 2010 and was founded by Bernie Stone, a musician, master craftsman, drum technician, and entrepreneur. The story of how Bernie built SCD is interesting, inspiring, and nothing short of amazing. Bernie Stone, a native of Columbus, Ohio, began his musical career at age 11, when he began taking drum lessons. Not long after that, he was playing country and western music in Columbus bars...

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Upright Perspective by Arnold Schnitzer Many players and aspiring luthiers have asked me about the differences between jazz, classical and bluegrass set-ups for string bass. Well, the differences can be subtle, or they can be extreme. Complicating my answer is the fact that many bassists play more than one style, especially in this age of boundary-crossing and world music. Here are some of my observations and recommendations about set-ups for different playing styles: JAZZ: The most important part of a good jazz set-up is the string choice. A player’s choice should be based on the type of sound and style he wants to create. In jazz bass playing, there are several “schools” of playing and tone, such as the “old-school,” pure gut sound, the “Ray Brown” solid, deep, punchy sound, the “Scott LaFaro / Eddie Gomez” sustaining upper register sound, etc. Every player has a favorite jazz bassist and may emulate that player’s sound, whether or not he does so consciously. I will list here the most popular string choices for jazz players: Gut Core: Pirastro Chorda Pirastro Eudoxa and Oliv (flat-wound metal over gut) La Bella Damian Dlugolecki (hand-made) Efrano Steel Core: Thomastic Spirocore (Mittel and Weich gauges) Thomastic Superflexible D’Addario Helicore Hybrid and Pizzicato (Medium and Light gauge) Synthetic Core: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi (Regular and Weich gauge) Pirastro Obligato D’Addario Zyex (Medium and Light gauge) Velvet (Garbo,...

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Seeing Double

Philthy Talk by Phil Maneri This issue contains only our second double bass review, and the first review we’ve done of an “orchestral-quality” instrument. The criteria for evaluation of these instruments require such a different perspective that we devised an entirely new template for the review. The bass guitar has been the subject of most of the instrument reviews in previous issues. At its core, it’s an instrument based on the electric guitar. The double bass is hundreds of years older. Follow its lineage through the millennia, and you’ll see a design and construction that have distilled far more precisely than the relatively new bass guitar. In comparison, it’s a newbie on the instrument scene, having only come into being during less than half the lifetime of many currently operating double basses on this planet. Ultimately, the electronics shape so much of what happens in an electric bass. Yes, the wood makes more difference than anything else, but they are generally slabs of lumber with electronics. Not much volume out of them without an amp. Double basses are of the viol or violin family of instruments. When made well and used correctly, they can fill up a concert hall all on their own. Certainly not with the volume or power of a Precision Bass through an SVT of course, but in its own way, a far more amazing piece...

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