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Emma Anzai Sick Puppies

Metal-on-Metal by David Ellefson Metal on Metal - Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson talks with Emma Anzai, of Sick Puppies. Please sign up for Bass Gear Premium to gain access to our Premium Content or login if you are already a Bass Gear Premium member. Username or E-mail Password Remember Me     Forgot...

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Bass Gear Icons: Hartley Peavey

  Bass gear has evolved tremendously since the middle of the twentieth century – thanks to a relatively small group of innovators, experimenters, designers, engineers and builders that have dedicated their lives to the advancement of the art and science of the gear we play. With a singular determination of purpose coupled with life-long dedication to the pursuit of the advancement of bass gear technology, plus tangible contributions to the evolution of the art and science of bass gear design and production, Bass Gear Icons have proven themselves to be valued members of the bass gear community. As bassists,...

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Welcome to the table, “Luthiers’ Round Table”

In this installation of the Bass Gear Magazine's Luthiers’ Round Table, we get back to some of the tasks and innovations which every luthier must contend with. The Round Table Luthiers include (in alphabetical order) Sheldon Dingwall, Harry Fleishman, Vinny Fodera, Randall Wyn Fullmer, George Furlanetto, Mike Kinal, Kenneth Lawrence, Gerald Marleaux, Carey Nordstrand, Michael Pedulla, Roger Sadowsky, Pete Skjold, Michael Tobias,... Please sign up for Bass Gear Premium to gain access to our Premium Content or login if you are already a Bass Gear Premium...

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Detroit Bass Day 2016

Photos and Story by Steve Burkhalter This year’s Detroit Bass day was a reunion, of sorts. Reunions are usually great things; a chance to recall the past, and celebrate the future. At family reunions, you catch up with the patriarchs of the family and see how the young ones have grown up. There is nothing like a Detroit Bass Day to catch up with patriarchs like Ralphe Armstrong or Wendell Fuller and get to see the young guys, like Brandon Rose, and Donald Waugh. And there is no doubt that a Detroit Bass Day is a family gathering. Like...

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2016 Summer NAMM Show Awards

The Nashville show is always a cool hang, and the hip new gear makes it all the more so. Here are the Bass Gear Magazine 2016 Summer NAMM Best of Show Award winners: Sonic Farm / Michael Arnopol Soundworks – Tantra Bass Head No doubt, this was THE product which I was most looking forward to checking out at the Summer NAMM Show, and despite some seriously high expectations, it did not disappoint. In fact, the Tantra solidly surpassed my hyped-up expectations. Take the glorious Sonic Farm 2di4 DI, add a world-class compressor, a very usable (and blendable) distortion...

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