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Emma Anzai Sick Puppies

Metal-on-Metal by David Ellefson Metal on Metal - Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson talks with Emma Anzai, of Sick Puppies. Please sign up for Bass Gear Premium to gain access to our Premium Content or login if you are already a Bass Gear Premium member. Username or E-mail Password Remember Me     Forgot...

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Bass Gear Icons: Hartley Peavey

  Bass gear has evolved tremendously since the middle of the twentieth century – thanks to a relatively small group of innovators, experimenters, designers, engineers and builders that have dedicated their lives to the advancement of the art and science of the gear we play. With a singular determination of purpose coupled with life-long dedication to the pursuit of the advancement of bass gear technology, plus tangible contributions to the evolution of the art and science of bass gear design and production, Bass Gear Icons have proven themselves to be valued members of the bass gear community. As bassists,...

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Fundamental Support – NAMM Foundation

I didn’t know what to make of my first NAMM Show. In some ways, it was exactly what I’d expected; loud, busy, lots of amazing gear… But what surprised me most about the experience were the people. I’d grown up around a handful of musicians, including a few members of my family, and most of my school chums. But stepping onto the main floor of my first NAMM Show was something entirely different. I felt like an alien that had been raised on another planet, and then sent back to my home world. I’d never been around that many...

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Dylan Goes Elctric

Great Moments in Rock N’ Roll by John Cipiti When Bob Dylan took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival on the 25th of July, 1965, he had just finished a successful tour of the United Kingdom, was an immense star and iconic voice of his generation. That night, he would walk away from the folk tradition, causing a ripple effect that would shake the foundation of popular music. Dylan had been interested in experimenting with electric instruments, as a number of recording sessions can attest, with what was basically a rock band – Subterranean Homesick Blues – on...

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