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Dylan Goes Elctric

Great Moments in Rock N’ Roll by John Cipiti When Bob Dylan took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival on the 25th of July, 1965, he had just finished a successful tour of the United Kingdom, was an immense star and iconic voice of his generation. That night, he would walk away from the folk tradition, causing a ripple effect that would shake the foundation of popular music. Dylan had been interested in experimenting with electric instruments, as a number of recording sessions can attest, with what was basically a rock band – Subterranean Homesick Blues – on...

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“A Kinal Magic” Kinal Kompact S

The Company Line A bass from Mike Kinal has been on my review wish list for some time, now. This feeling is compounded every issue when I put together the Luthiers Round Table, as Mike has been one of our “knights” of the Round Table since its inception. For those not in the know, Mike is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and has been building guitars and basses for over four decades. In addition to building instruments, Mike also teaches woodworking and industrial arts at the high school level. This has included teaching kids the art of lutherie. A...

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Technical Evaluation – Sonic Nuance Tuner + DI (TDI) Mk2 Pedal

Dan Kropp's Technical Evaluation The Sonic Nuance TDI is a combination isolation transformer and tuner. This pedal will electrically isolate your instrument from the rest of your gear. With the mute engaged, it also acts as a tuner. It also has a very high quality transformer generated microphone level output. A run through the test bench will give some hard facts as to how well this pedal stands up to expectations. ... Please sign up for Bass Gear Premium to gain access to our Premium Content or login if you are already a Bass Gear Premium member. Username or E-mail Password...

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Sonic Nuance Tuner + DI (TDI) Mk2 Pedal

We’ve all had that moment. You are interested in a new (or new to you) bass head or preamp, and you are digging what it has to offer. Looks like a real winner, and you are about to break out the wallet, but there’s one last question to ask. “Does it have a Jensen?” For many of us, the answer to that particular question might be a deal breaker. We may not know exactly why it’s the best, but we know that a Jensen DI is the best. Or, at least we know that when we tell the sound...

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