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Peavey MiniMEGA BASS Head – Mini Mega Miny Moe

The Company Line We’ve done the company line before on Peavey®. They are a standard-setter when it comes to providing a lot of value with plenty of innovation, yet at a relatively low cost, and doing so without sacrificing quality. This is a hard formula to serve, but they’ve been doing successfully it for many years. Back at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show, Peavey introduced the MiniMEGA™. See the video at the Bass Gear Magazine channel on YouTube ( We have been eager to get our hands on one ever since, and that time has arrived! Mega Features Across...

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BASS LAB – DNA Guitar Company Accelerator Bass

Phil Maneri's BASS LAB The ‘70s Jazz is an archetype at which many builders take aim at some point over their time building instruments. Some stay there, some move on. Either way, it’s a great exercise in exploring a time-proven design. This is a great take on that form for under $2,400. This bass features a swamp ash body that appears to be constructed with slick joinery. The ‘70s-style maple neck with maple fingerboard make this bass bright and snappy. Add bright, roundwoun... Please sign up for Bass Gear Premium to gain access to our Premium Content or login if you...

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