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Gold Standard Steve Lawson Custom Fretless, Bolt-on neck Bass Guitar

Elrick Bass Guitars, Ltd. is excited to announce the newest addition to our award winning line of basses; the Gold Standard Steve Lawson Custom Fretless, Bolt-on neck Bass Guitar! The Steve Lawson Custom (SLC) semi-hollow body featuring our “heel-less” body design is one of the unique design features of this special bass guitar. A 33” scale neck is attached using five bolts in an asymmetrical pattern for exceptional stability and playability, while a thrubody string option makes possible the use of standard scale strings. A Macassar ebony fretless fingerboard and custom Aero single coil pickups (featuring matching wood covers)...

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“A Kinal Magic” Kinal Kompact S

The Company Line A bass from Mike Kinal has been on my review wish list for some time, now. This feeling is compounded every issue when I put together the Luthiers Round Table, as Mike has been one of our “knights” of the Round Table since its inception. For those not in the know, Mike is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and has been building guitars and basses for over four decades. In addition to building instruments, Mike also teaches woodworking and industrial arts at the high school level. This has included teaching kids the art of lutherie. A...

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AMP Lab – Peavey MiniMEGA

Dan Kropp's AMP LAB On a basic level, an amplifier only needs to faithfully make the signal larger. The Peavey® MiniMega™ does this quite well. Beyond the basics, Peavey has packed in an impressive list of features that can dramatically change the sound of this amp; from a plain reproduction of your signal, to something that adds character to your sound. Additionally, this amp looks like something you want to show off instead of a boring box to set somewhere out of the way. ... Please sign up for Bass Gear Premium to gain access to our Premium Content or login if...

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BASS LAB – Nick Lloyd Upright Bass

Phil Maneri's BASS LAB This double bass is a work of art. As far as I can see, it’s perfect. I could stop right there, and that would be enough. But I’ll tell you why I think so. Most importantly, it plays incredibly well. Clean and clear, up and down the instrument, in every position. The tone is quite consistent across the range, as well. Notes are neither boomy nor absent in any spots I could find. It doesn’t have the gravitas of an old instrument, but I’m not sure that ma... Please sign up for Bass Gear Premium to gain...

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