Melville, NY – January 15th, 2020- In an effort to continue what has been a record year for Spector under new ownership, the 40+-year old company is introducing updates to some of their most popular lines, the Euro, Artist and Bantam series, just in time for Winter NAMM 2020.

With 80’s inspired specifications including maple construction, 34” scale lengths, classic colors, gold hardware and EMG electronics the Euro Classic series delivers world-class tone and playability. These models are reminiscent of the Spector basses that took the bass world by storm in the 80’s with their unique silhouette and unmistakable sound. “Having served so many decades of great music and great players, we are excited to celebrate this era with basses that feel both vintage and modern at the same time,” says Spector Global Brand Manager, John Stippell.

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Additionally, Spector is releasing new colorways for the Euro LX, Bantam 4 and Euro LT models, now available in Black & Blue Matte (Euro LX), Solid White Gloss (Bantam 4) and a Limited Edition Faded Black, with Fishman Electronics (Euro LT).

Lastly, Spector is releasing three new signature models, with Ian Hill (Judas Priest), Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me) and Skyler Acord (Issues). Ian Hill is a longtime Spector supporter, using his Spector since the 80’s. For the 50th anniversary of Judas Priest, Spector is updating Ian’s signature model with a limited edition run of basses. Dan Briggs has been a Spector player since his high-school days, and in 2020, Spector is offering his signature model with a solid Poplar Burl top in a Faded Black Finish. Skyler Acord’s long-awaited signature model will debut in 2020. His eye-catching 5-string features a violet stain finish, neon green crown inlays, and our proprietary Bartolini pickups. “We’ve always been known as a company that makes ‘player’s basses’ and we are proud to continue that tradition with both our legacy artists and some young superstars as well,” says Spector Artist Relations Manager, Taylor McLam. “Ian, Dan and Skyler are all amazing players, and we are grateful to partner with them to bring their sound and the Spector experience to players of all levels and a variety of music genres.”

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Spector BassNew Model Specs:

Euro Classic – Solid Red, White or Black Gloss

  • 80’s inspired Spector Euro range
  • Weight-relieved Maple body; 34” scale length
  • EMG pickups & pre-amp; Gold hardware

4-String – MAP $2,399.99
5-String – MAP $2,499.99

Euro LX – Black and Blue Matte

  • All-new color in the Euro LX range
  • Figured Maple top; Alder body
  • Rosewood Fingerboard; EMG Pickups & TonePump pre-amp

4-String – MAP $2,499.99
5-String – MAP $2,599.99

Bantam 4 – Solid White Gloss

  • All-new color in the Bantam range
  • 30” scale length; Weight-relived Alder body
  • Rosewood Fingerboard; EMG Pickups & pre-amp

4-String – MAP $1,949.99

Euro LT – Faded Black – Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition Euro LT
  • Figured Maple top; Weight-relived Paulownia body
  • Ebony Fingerboard; Fishman Fluence Pickups & Circuit

4-String – MAP $2,599.99
5-String – MAP $2,699.99

Euro 4 LX Ian Hill Signature Model – 50th Anniversary

  • Limited-edition signature model celebrating 50 years of Judas Priest
  • Solid Maple body; 50th Anniversary Judas Priest inlay
  • EMG P pickup; TonePump pre-amp; Limited to 50 pieces

Solid Black Gloss – MAP $2,499.99
Solid White Gloss – MAP $2,499.99

NS/2000-5 Dan Briggs Signature Model – Poplar Burl

  • Signature model for Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me
  • Poplar Burl top; Maple body; Custom 12th fret inlay
  • EMG humbuckers; TonePump Jr. pre-amp

Faded Black Stain Gloss – MAP $1,599.99

Legend 5 Neck-Thru Skyler Acord Signature Model

  • Signature model for Skyler Acord of Issues
  • Flame Maple top; Alder Body; Custom Crown inlays
  • Custom Bartolini humbuckers; TonePump Jr. pre-amp

Violet Stain Matte – MAP $1,899.99