Phil Jones Bass announces the release of the company’s first line of PJB Bass Strings as result of a collaboration with La Bella Strings. The strings are long scale nickel round-wound and will be available in four and five string sets with PJB’s signature color blue “silk” wrapped ends.

Made from the finest materials PJB strings are carefully balanced for perfect tension and playability and are designed to maintain their true upper range transients for a maximum performance life. The strings achieve the deepest and purest fundamental tone and widest harmonic range making them applicable for use in all genres of music. PJB strings are available for purchase at

Established in 2002, PJB and AIRPULSE Guitar Amps are divisions of Phil Jones American Acoustic Development. PJB is dedicated to using the latest technology in the design of compact bass amps, combos and loudspeakers that achieve maximum fidelity and peak volume. PJB’s accessories category includes effects pedals and bass strings. Phil Jones owns several patents for loudspeaker technology.

PJB bass strings