The new Flatiron Fuzz is a classic op-amp powered fuzz/distortion. With its late ’70s style circuit and symmetrical hard clipping, it’s EHX’s take on the RAT2™ pedal, only we think it’s better. 


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At lower drive settings, it remains fairly clean and adds a sweet mild distortion. As the drive is turned up it transports you to a world of arena rock with a spectacular thick and meaty sound. 

The Flatiron Fuzz’s distinctive Filter control is a low pass filter with a movable cut-off frequency. This is especially cool because it lets you dial in just the right amount of high-end, from dark to raunchy! 

Electro-Harmonix trivia: The Flatiron Fuzz is named after the historic Flatiron Building in New York City. It’s an iconic landmark located down the block from EHX headquarters in the 1970s and is the building pictured on the pedal.

*The RAT2 is a Trademark of Act Audio.