June 15, 2017 . New Bassics BPA-1 analog bass pre-amp is shipping

The BPA-1 bass pre-amplifier system is a completely new approach to bass guitar amplification.

Designed by legendary recording engineer and professional studio equipment designer, professor Malcolm Toft, The BPA-1 places studio quality pre-amplification, tone control and compression at the feet of the bass guitarist. The frequencies chosen in the three band equalizer section have been specifically designed for the bass guitar and offer the same range of control as that found in the very best analog studio consoles. Ever wondered why studio engineers are able to get great sounds from your instrument when recording? Wonder no more- as you will have the same facilities!

Malcolm Toft is best known for the Trident console as well as working with the Beatles, David Bowie and T-Rex. The Bassics BPA-1 is Malcolm Toft’s first product designed for the musician.

The BPA-1 is now shipping

MSRP: $699.00
MAP: $599.00

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