Inspired by the beautiful and intricate Nautilus shell, Masterbuilt – Nautilus utilizes our Emperor II as a canvas for its circular and mesmerizing pattern. The top is comprised of various woods such as Maple, Ebony, Quilted Mahogany, and Alder, inlayed into a solid Maple skeleton. To make sure that nothing disrupts the pattern, its single Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil pickup is camouflage in the top by a top-matching wooden pickup cover that continues the lines of the shell pattern. Additionally, the instrument forgoes our preamp and instead features passive electronics with matching wooden knobs.

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While the electronics package serves an aesthetic purpose, it was also chosen to give the instrument a big and warm tone reminiscent of vintage early 60’s basses. To achieve this, the pickup is wired in series as opposed to our traditional parallel wiring, which creates for a bigger sound, and the pickup is placed close to the neck. With its Walnut body and Ebony board, the tone remains clear and smooth despite its lack of a second pickup and preamp. Rounding out the instrument is an Alder tone block and a flame Ebony fingerboard matched to a 5-pc Maple neck w/ Walnut stringers.


Body Woods
• Flame Walnut Body
• Alder Tone Block

Neck Woods
• Ebony Fingerboard
• 5-pc. Maple Neck w/ Walnut Stringers

Construction Specs
• Emperor II Shape
• Neck-through Construction
• 34″ Scale Length
• 5 String Configuration (19.0mm spacing)
• 24 Frets (large frets)

Electronics Options
• Passive Electronics
• Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickup
• Vol / Tone Control Layout

While this Masterbuilt has been purchased, we do have more Masterbuilt instruments coming in 2019! To be placed on our waitlist click here!

Masterbuilt Bass
Masterbuilt Bass