Gekko Sound is a new Melbourne-based designer and manufacturer of boutique FX Pedals for bass and guitar players.

Gekko Sound specialises in the creation of unique, easy-to-use and reliable pedals. They are designed using a pure analog circuit that delivers a transparent and natural sound without changing the dynamics of the instrument. They are also distinctive for their elegant design and high-quality build. These pedals bring together all the features that bass and guitar players typically look for in effect pedals.

GekkoSound specialises in innovative boutique FX pedals, designed and hand-wired in Melbourne, Australia.

What is unique about GekkoSound?

GekkoSound not only understands what musicians look for in a pedal, but also has the technical know-how to be able to create pedals that are easy-to-use, reliable and sound great. The pedals are designed by a bass player and guitarist, who has extensive experience in electronics design, as well as a passion for vintage analogue sound.

Have you been looking for pedals that offer an ultra-clean, transparent effect; that enhance the tone of your bass or guitar without any colouration? That’s why GekkoSound has been created, to produce pedals that offer just this!

CE.BASS combines transparent analog compression with a clean boost and a 2-band EQ design to give smooth compression with a serious bottom-end and a crisp top-end. The all analog high quality signal path, with high-impedance input and adjustable output level, makes CE.BASS perfect to sit in front of your signal chain.

Any style of music or bass technique that you play will benefit as each note will be produced at a consistent level. CE.BASS preserves your attacks and sustain while smoothing out the level across the strings, bringing out the softer notes.

Internal switches allow you to change the compression ratio. This setting only affects the compressor ratio, preserving the punchy attack and natural sustain of your bass guitar. Once the ratio is set, you can forget about it and just focus on playing.

Gekko Sound

C.BASS is a totally transparent, natural, and smooth Wideband Auto Compressor with full dynamic range. It brings out a tight and punchy attack with balanced sustain and does not compromise the natural low-end response and presence of your bass guitar.

C.Bass is a wideband bass guitar compressor that delivers a levelled sound across all the strings. Whether you pluck the strings with your fingers or a plectrum, or use a technique such as slap bass, your playing will benefit as each note is produced at a consistent level.

G.BOOST delivers up to 26 dB of super clean boost while preserving the tonal balance and dynamics of your instrument.

G.Boost is not an overdrive pedal. The versatile high impedance input and gain control is perfect for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, Ukulele piezo pickups and harmonica dynamic bullet microphones. The True Bypass switch allows quick gain and amp input overdrive sound.


“The CE.Bass has great subtle compression. The Bass Treble EQ is easy to use and sounds great. It’s top quality, high end made and very clean with no noise. Really good to just plug straight into the mixing board. Works great as a gain booster.”

Stephen Hadley
(Paul Kelly, Men At Work, Black Sorrows, Tex Perkins)

“The CE.Bass is a fantastic bass compression unit by Felipe at Gekko Sound. I’ve tried so many pedal compressors through the years and finally here is one that lets my P-bass breath while it works.
I’ve got it set to 4:1 ratio and a nudge on the low-end eq and super happy! Great work Gekko! This will be on the road with me from now on.

Travis Clarke
(Russell Morris, Bachelor Girl, APIA Goodtimes band)

“After trying out the CE.Bass Compressor/EQ pedal I was very impressed with it’s smooth compression and well-tuned bass and treble EQ controls.
A great pedal for tightening up the low end without changing your tone and will also serve as a great signal boosting pedal.
Happy to say it’s now a permanent fixture on my main Pedal Board.”

Craig Newman
(John Farnham, Freelance Studio Musician)

“The unit certainly has a “character”. I found the sound and response to be very natural; it felt good under the fingers. CE.Bass has a subtle compression and I often found myself preferring it to other pedals.
The pedal has a straight forward nature which is something I like. Both the 4:1 and 8:1 ratios are highly usable. It maintained a very musical sound even at the high ratio setting and overall produces a desirable warm sound.”

Mike Mathews
(The Seekers, Joe Chindamo Trio, Jene Pitney, Cilla Black)

“G.Boost is an outstanding guitar pedal! Makes a small amp sound big. Makes a big amp sound better. Great as a boost for soloing, but also very nice for rhythm playing. I never want to play without it.”

Sam Marchesan
(Lovesick Blues band)