BackBeat is the wearable, portable rumble pack and practice amp that is changing the way bassists play by allowing them to feel their music with instant, physical feedback.

Yerko Sepulveda knows a thing or two about bass. As the bass player behind the award- winning jazz funk ensemble, The Bedfords, Sepulveda has been making music for almost two decades. But it is his engineering background (he studied at the University of Sydney in Australia) and his tinkering nature that has brought him to where he is today: The founder of
BackBeat, the innovative new product that allows bass players to not just hear their music, but to feel it, too.

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Every low note played with the BackBeat is turned into a vibration, one that you can actually feel.

Two years ago, as Sepulveda, listening to a crowded sound mix, strained to hear is bass coming through, the idea for BackBeat was conceived: What if you could feel the bass instead? Motivated by the idea of never needing to bug a sound guy again, Sepulveda began tinkering, experimenting with various components until he discovered something that worked – and BackBeat was born.

A wearable subwoofer, the BackBeat has garnered the attention of bass players everywhere, leaving all of them wondering how they can get their hands on one, too. Sepulveda, taking notice of the growing interest in his invention, left his engineering job in 2016, committing full time to developing BackBeat. Now, nearly two years later, Sepulveda is preparing to release it to market.

Designed in Detroit, BackBeat is easy to use, clipping directly to the strap and connecting to the bass. By plugging in headphones, BackBeat allows bass players to experience a completely auditory and tactile immersion. The end result is that, thanks to the immediate feedback, bassists can play with complete control – and total confidence.

In order to fulfill launch plans, Sepulveda is looking for backers through his Kickstarter campaign. (He already has over 100 supporters.) Earning the “Project We Love” badge by the Kickstarter staff, Sepulveda is, once again, turning heads with BackBeat. To learn more about BackBeat and how you can be one of the project’s backers, visit the
Kickstarter page by using the link below:
(The Kickstarter campaign closes on April 24th.)