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This Article was published in Issue 19 in SUMMER 2016.

The black, perforated 18 gauge steel grille is held on by eight screws. The grill has a pleat, where it wraps around the line array, and then the metal is bent down (by the force of the screws) into a slight curve. It presses against nice, thick gaskets, for a vibration-free, solid connection. The cab is covered in tolex, which wraps around and extends all the way to the recessed front baffle (which is, in turn, covered by black carpet). The effect is very professional and pleasing to the eye. The front baffle, itself, is recessed a full 3.5” to allow room for the line array. The black metal corners are of the non-stacking variety. There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the enclosure, but the single strap handle is located on the side of the enclosure, which makes for an uneasy feel of possibly damaging the tolex on the opposite side whenever you set the cab down. My preference is to have feet on the opposing side when employing a side-mounted handle, but perhaps some folks prefer the cleaner look of not having “extra” feet. [Note: Genzler™ Amplification does offer a heavy-duty padded cover that should eliminate this concern.]

The mid/high array consists of four 3” Faital Pro 3FE22 drivers. These little guys employ a neodymium ring magnet and a 19mm aluminum voice coil, and their response extends all the way up to 20kHz. The array, itself, is really its own enclosure, which is curved on the backside, entirely wrapped in tolex, stuffed with insulation, and is fully detachable from the rest of the enclosure. Two screws on each end hold it in place, and the electrical connection is made via a ¼” jack on the front baffle.

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The main driver is also from Faital Pro. The 8-ohm 12PR300 employs a cast aluminum basket and a neodymium slug magnet. It is held in place by four bolts secured into threaded inserts; my preferred method. I’d like to see eight bolts, but lots of manufacturers only use four with lightweight drivers, like the 12PR300. The leads are secured to the driver via compression posts. The 3” drivers in the array are held in place by four screws, each, and connected using Faston connectors.

The sides and back panel are made from 12mm Baltic birch plywood, and the front baffle is a nice, hefty 15mm Baltic birch ply. The cab is also internally braced, front-to-back, on all four panels of the cabinet shell with the 15mm ply. Overall weight is a very manageable 35.2 lbs, and the build quality is inspiring. The internal wiring is heavy gauge, color-coded and neatly done. The top half of the inside of the enclosure is covered in heavy insulation. The bottom half, where the triangular ports are located, is not treated with insulation. The back panel features two Speakon jacks, as well as two ¼” jacks.

Fig. 1 On and off axis (15, 30, 45) frequency response.

Fig. 2 Impedence curve

bass test
Kinal Guitar

Genzler Bass
Array 12-3


Configuration:1x12, 4x3 line array
Listed Impedance:8 Ohms
Rated Power Handling:350 watts
Inputs/Outputs:Two Neutrik® Speakon® jacks; two ¼” jacks
Dimensions:19” W x 16” H x 18” D
Weight:35.2 lbs
Ports:Front-ported (two; triangular)
Baffle Board:15mm 11-ply Baltic birch
Cabinet:12mm 11-ply Baltic birch
Grille:Metal (18 gauge steel, powder-coated.)
Handles:One (side-mounted strap handle)
Feet:Four, rubber (on bottom)
Corners:Metal, non-stacking
Driver Mounting:Four bolts into threaded inserts


Woofers: Faital Pro 12PR300 (cast-frame)
Cone Material:Lightweight paper
Voice Coil:2.56" diameter (aluminum), dual winding
Magnets:Neodymium slug
Mid/High Driver:Faital Pro 3FE22 (neodymium)
Mid/High Driver Adjustment:N/A
Speaker Connections:Compression posts (woofer); Faston (mid/high)
Crossover:1st-order, 6 dB/octave, centered at 800Hz


Average Sensitivity (200Hz-900Hz): 99.89 dBSPL (1 watt @ 1 meter)


Company:Genzler Amplification
County of origin:USA
Year of Origin:2015
List Price:$879.00
Street Price:$879.00
Test Unit Options:None
Accessories:Heavy duty padded cover (optional, $79.00)
Price as Tested:$879.00
Available colors:Black
Available Options:None
Acquired from:Genzler Amplification
Dates: December 2015 to April 2016
Locales: Ohio
Test Gear (in-hand review):Genzler MG-800, Pedulla Nuance 4, Vigier Excess 5, Sterling by MusicMan Ray34CA, Mesa/Boogie D-800, Bergantino B|Amp, Peavey MiniMega


1-5 (unacceptable to impeccable)


Features: 4
Tonal Flexibility:4
Ease of Use: 4
Tone: 4.5

In-hand Score 4.08average

On-bench Score 4.57average


Road Worthiness: 4.5
Cabinet Construction:4.5


Low: Controlled, yet very full; especially strong in the upper-lows
Mids: Warm, yet clear; powerful low-mids, smooth high-mids; great off-axis dispersion
Highs: Smooth!


The BA12-3 has a very full, balanced tone, with no drop-off from the lows up through the mids. The high end is smooth, yet articulate. Perhaps most impressive, the off-axis tone and balance is just amazing!