How I see it

Tom Bowlus, Editor-in-Chief

This last year has been a pretty wild ride. Redoing a website is a significant task, and I am sure many of you can relate to the extent of the endeavor. I thought I knew what I was in for, but as is often the case, doing something “right” involves a good bit more time and effort than what you may have originally planned.

The changes for Bass Gear Magazine went well beyond just a website makeover, though. The decision to drop the print edition was difficult, but inevitable, as 99% of our readers were already digital, and in addition to the disproportionate costs associated with offering a print edition, the “issue-based” format was a limitation, in and of itself. The freedom to publish reviews/articles as they were complete was a very welcome change – and one which we are just beginning to fully take advantage

of. The digital formats can do so much more than print – especially in terms of audio and video – so there is much to be gained by embracing the digital format. We have plans in the works to take greater advantage of these capabilities.

Many of our readers and industry partners embraced these changes, but as with all change, there is a sense of loss and nostalgia associated with the former state. One of the nice aspects of the issue format is the “packaging,” itself. Yes, it’s nice to get content out more quickly, and yes, with our increasingly short attention spans, many people do find smaller snippets easier to digest. But there is also something rewarding about sitting down with a collection of related stories and reviews and spending some “quality time.”

In addition, one side effect of our constant battle against inevitable entropy is the subconscious inner peace associated with organizational structures.

With this in mind, I am happy to say that we are moving on to our next phase in Bass Gear Magazine’s digital evolution, the (re)introduction of the flipbook! Truth be told, when BGM was first born, it was envisioned as a digital-only flipbook, but once we started laying things out – with all the photos and graphs – work itself seemed to scream for a print edition. When I made the decision to go all-digital, I knew I wanted to eventually incorporate a flipbook, but I knew it had to be rebuilt from scratch, as our former flipbook was actually hosted by the company that printed the magazine, using the same file used to lay out the print edition.

So, in addition to the more frequent flow of individual articles/reviews, in addition to the email newsletter and podcast, and in addition to the (eventual) database of past articles/reviews

to be found at, you will also be able to read quarterly “issues” once again, via our new flipbook format. This was part of the plan from the get go with the website makeover, and I am happy to bring back the flip.

The possibilities with the new website and the all-digital format are not endless, but functionally, they may as well be. We have been working behind the scenes on a lot of ideas which we hope you will like, so stick with us! We have a lot more to come!

That’s how I see it.

Take care, Tom.