The newly refurbished microphone family retains the sound quality loved by generations of artists, but gains a new future aesthetic.

HEILBRONN, GERMANY –  SEPTEMBER 21, 2023 – Today, beyerdynamic – the preferred audio brand for live music and studio professionals globally – announced that its updated M Series microphones that were first debuted at NAMM 2023, are now available for purchase. The unified, sleek design combines tradition and future without altering the tried-and-tested acoustic signature of the microphones.

For decades, M Series microphones have helped professional sound technicians, musicians and producers create unique recordings and unforgettable concert moments. Handcrafted at the company‘s site in Heilbronn, Germany, microphones such as the M 160, M 88 and M 201 are considered masterpieces of audio history due to their excellent sound quality. They’ve accompanied icons like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Dua Lipa and more.

The technical attributes and natural sound characteristics of the M Series microphones make them extremely flexible and suitable for many different applications, including percussion, piano, bass, choir and speech. beyerdynamic’s high degree of in-house production is unusual – and particularly special.

“While other manufacturers buy circuit boards, membranes or entire capsules from external suppliers, we manufacture a large number of these sound-relevant components for the M Series microphones ourselves,” said Thorsten Bender, director of production at beyerdynamic.

The M 130 and M 160 are prime examples of this delicate production. The two double ribbon microphones are particularly difficult to manufacture, which is why only a few employees are currently able to do so. That tradition will carry on with the newly designed series, but add the benefit of a more streamlined production and build process to enhance everything from logistics to servicing.

The M Series microphones are available now on beyerdynamic’s e-shop starting at $249. To learn more about each microphone and its storied history, click here.

About beyerdynamic

Since 1924, beyerdynamic has stood for first-class, professional audio products that delight discerning customers around the world. The majority of the product lines are handmade at the Heilbronn site. In the product areas “Creator”, “Gamer”, “Work & Learn” and “Enjoyer – Music lovers”, beyerdynamic offers headphones, headsets, microphones, gaming and home office products. They all have one thing in common: pristine sound. This has always carried the company across the emotional stages of the world, through the inspiring studios of the cities and into the ears and hearts of the people.

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