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Author: Chris Cavera

Ashdown B-Social

This Article was published in Issue 19 in SUMMER 2016. What comes to mind when you are asked to describe the job of a professional musician? Do you see someone who performs on stage, traveling from gig to gig and living out of a bus? In reality, most professional musicians spend the bulk of their time doing myriad things. They gig, but they also compose, practice, jam, teach, record, produce, manage, write articles … and some of them even have families and mortgages. Ashdown aims to cater to the needs of working musicians with the B-Social. The Company Line...

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Fundamental Support – NAMM Foundation

I didn’t know what to make of my first NAMM Show. In some ways, it was exactly what I’d expected; loud, busy, lots of amazing gear… But what surprised me most about the experience were the people. I’d grown up around a handful of musicians, including a few members of my family, and most of my school chums. But stepping onto the main floor of my first NAMM Show was something entirely different. I felt like an alien that had been raised on another planet, and then sent back to my home world. I’d never been around that many...

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