Sensaphonics is excited to introduce a truly game-changing new product: the dB Check Pro in-ear sound level analyzer. After years of uncertainty, this patented device (U.S. Patent #8,218,784) finally answers the question, “How loud am I really listening to my in-ear monitors?”

Much like the speedometer in a car, it provides at-a-glance information that can help you make smart decisions on how loud you want to “drive” your IEMs.



The dB Check is a compact, in-line device that displays both the average and simultaneous levels being sent to your ears. It also shows the safe exposure time for those levels based on NIOSH and OSHA guidelines. It also tracks ambient noise levels with its on-board microphone. It’s literally the only device on the market to give the information you need on how loud and how long you can listen safely on stage, in rehearsal, and in the studio.

The dB Check Pro is programmed to work with over 140 models of IEMs and heaphones from 12 leading manufacturers – a list that will be expanded with future firmware updates. This means a single dB Check Pro can be shared among band members, which helps everyone protect their hearing and make smart choices when setting levels at sound check or rehearsal.

“The biggest issue with in-ear monitors is the inability to know if you are actually listening at safe levels. We’re changing that,” declares Sensaphonics President and audiologist, Dr. Michael Santucci. “In an industry that requires excellent hearing while working at high volume levels, dB Check Pro can be a career saver. Every tour, every sound engineer, and every musician should have one.

With its USB-C rechargeable battery and in-line operation, dB Check Pro is easy to use and it does not effect sound quality. In fact, it passes audio even when powered off. Simply plug it in, turn it on, select your IEM or headphone model, and you’re ready to go.

What makes dB Check Pro so important?

In the words of Sensaphonics President, Dr. Michael Santucci:

“We’re on a mission to protect the hearing of the entire music industry, not just our own clients. Designing dB Check Pro to work with all major IEM brands is a big step toward making that goal a reality.

“It’s truly the only device that helps musicians and audio engineers make informed choices about how loud to monitor. The dB Check Pro is an incredible tool for using in-ear monitors safely and reducing the risk of permanent sound-induced hearing injury across the music industry.”

As the only in-ear company dedicated to hearing conservation, Sensaphonics has been working to answer one key question:

“How loud you are listening?”

The answer is dB Check Pro.

The dB Check Pro is priced at $500 and is now shipping. Click here to order.

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