Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please!

To honor the city that we love, we’re excited to introduce the limited Subway Edition Tone Hammer Preamp/DI Pedal.

Tone Hammer Preamp/DI Pedal

This Super limited-edition run features artwork representative of the iconic NYC subway, from the top of the Bronx to Coney Island, to Soho where the Tone Hammer Preamp was born!

Tone Hammer Preamp/DI Pedal

Learning into this subway theme, you’ll notice its font, icons, and arrows are all inspired by typography and designs of subway station signs all over the city.

Tone Hammer Preamp/DI Pedal

These are going to go quicker than the Q train at rush hour!

For availability and pricing, contact your local authorized Aguilar Dealer today to grab a piece of Aguilar history.

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