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    Rick Jones, Acoustic Image, Amplification with Sophistication!  Also featured in this edition;

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Oct 27

ACME Launches the Low B-212 and Low B-212 Composite


Acme Sound, a leader in high fidelity speaker cabinets for bass, keyboard and PA, today announced the availability of two new 1500-watt rated Series III models, the Low B-212 and Low B-212 Composite, both of which deliver Acme’s characteristically uncolored, full range sound with extended lows, at very high volumes, from small, portable boxes.

The Low B-212s’ unique enclosures each feature two 12-inch custom woofers mounted back-to-back, a 1X1-in shallow horn and a proprietary crossover and play very loud and clean across the spectrum from 31 Hz to 20K Hz. Sensitivity is 94 db and only eight-ohm models are available at this time. Dimensions are 26.5 in. high x 23 in. wide x 16.5 “ deep. The Low B-212 Composite ($1500 plus freight) is constructed of composites, and weighs just 50 lbs.—11 lbs. less
than the still-light standard Low B-212 ($1100 plus freight).

“We have extensively gig-tested the Low B-212s prior to launch and the reaction from bass players who play loud and deep but who value both fidelity and their back muscles has been phenomenal, said Andy Lewis, Acme Founder and Chief Designer. “Feedback has been that our 212s convincingly outperform comparable enclosures across the board, including 8X10s costing and weighing far more.”

All Series III Acme cabinets feature the company’s new logo and can be investigated on the recently-redesigned website

Founded more than 20 years ago, Acme Sound is a pioneer in high fidelity musical instrument amplification based on classic science and great execution.

Made in Colorado and sold direct with a two-week trial period, all Acme enclosures feature proprietary drivers, crossovers and construction and are protected by a ten-year warranty.

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