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    Issue 20 includes the following:

    After 50+ years, Hartley Peavey is still going strong

    After 50+ years, Hartley Peavey is still going strong. We sit down for an in-depth interview, and we review the MiniMega bass head. Other reviews include the Kinal Kompact S, Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass, Nick Lloyd upright bass, Noll TCM 4 XM onboard preamp, Ultimate Ears Capitol Studios Reference Remastered monitors, Sonic Nuance TDI pedal, DNA Guitars Accelerator Bass, and more! Be sure to catch David Ellefson’s interview with Sick Puppies bassist, Emma Anzai!

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Mar 21

Euphonic Audio Launches New Website

Euphonic Audio launches its new website, at  Featured products include the new NL-112 cab and the updated Doubler bass head.

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